Moments of horror, disgust, and anxiety

About the Authors

Rowantree (A.K.A Rowan or Shiisiln) is a transgender nerd who is afraid of everything. He writes scripts for Morbid and will eventually draw some stuff for it. Hopefully.

He sites Fuan No Tane by Toshikazu Nagae as one of his main influences for this project, as well as Junji Ito, who he claims is "His Dad". (The validity of this claim is doubtful)

He has a day job at a lip balm factory where he spends all day thinking of horrible things to make. He is very tired, but promises to sleep for Ito Sensei.


Golden-Dragon-Girl (A.K.A Jessi or Kintatsujo) is an extremely talented comic artist, and possibly an immortal dragon deity, who doesn't afraid of anything. She works on art from Rowan's scripts for Morbid, and also makes comics on her own for the project.

She also runs multiple original webcomics, programs games, writes novels, and keeps the forest gods from invading her local church. She maintains that headshots don't work on zombies.

Links; (Her horror blog)